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Jordi Colomer, born in Barcelona in 1962, is a Spanish artist who works in the field of sculpture, video-art and installations. At the heart of his work is the investigation of space: physical and real space and the space of performance and representation overlap in the mise-en-scène of the work, producing an experience defined by the artist as “expanded theatre”. Colomer explores the Utopian nature of town planning in large cities, but at the same time presents the dystopic decadence and alienation connected to architecture: the existing space is also made up of disorder and entropy. 


Colomer represented the Spanish Pavilion at 57 Venice Biennale (2017), curated by Manuel Segade with the project “Únete! Join Us!”, an exploration of nomadism and collective agency. From 2018 he started (with poet Eduard Escoffet and producer Carolina Olivares) La INFINITA, a self-managed cultural space based in l'Hospitalet (Barcelona) that want to generate encounters between the visual and living arts.


His works have been exhibited in international museums and biennials including:  Museo Reina Sofia and Matadero (Madrid),  Jeu de Paume et Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris),  MUMOK and Belvedere 21(Vienna), Bronx Museum of the Arts (New York), Arte Alameda (México City), 7 Bienal del Mercosul (Porto Alegre, Brasil), MAAT (Lisboa), Bozar et  Argos (Brussels) ZKU, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlín). Colomer’s work has been shown in two Manifesta editions: Manifesta 10 (St. Petersburg, Russia), Manifesta 12 (Palermo, Italy)


Jordi Colomer was born in Barcelona in 1962. He presently lives and works between Barcelona and Paris. Enjoying a gifted and marked sculptural sense, his work spans many mediums, centring on photography, video and the staging of both in exhibition areas. Often the creation of situations -befitting a kind of "expanded theatre"- allows the spectator to assess his/her relationship with the productions and his/her role in and before these.


The variety of mediums called forth by Jordi Colomer's work and the transversality of his judgement undoubtedly are linked to his fragmentary education as architect, artist and art historian in progressive 1980s' Barcelona. Beginning with the "Alta Comèdia" (High Comedy) exhibition, (tinglado 2, Tarragona,1993), Colomer began to fuse his sculptural work, elements of theatre staging and architectural references. From those years on (in particular after he discovered the German avant-garde cinema of the thirties), video started to stand out as the main mediator in the relationship the artist had with performance art, theatre and sculpture. In 1997 he showed his first video work "Simo" at a site-specific projection room built inside the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). This strategy enabled Colomer to superimpose theatrical space, the installation as an inhabitable sculpture and cinematographic micro-narration. That was how he produced pieces such as Pianito (The Little Piano, 1999), Les Jumelles (The Twins, 2000) or Le Dortoir (The Dormitory, 2001), which would complete a period marked by work in extreme film set constructions, where the set entirely determines the characters' behaviour.


From 2001, Jordi Colomer's staging investigation extends to urban space and an exploration of the different scenes of social life (neighbourhoods, streets, rooftops…) and his reverse the desert. This phase of his work is determined by  different urban sets he is seeking or rediscovering. This is what led to works such as Anarchitekton (2002-2004), a travelling project involving four cities (Barcelona, Bucharest, Brasilia, Osaka),

NoFuture (filmed in Le Havre, 2006, reenacted for Manifesta X, St. Petersbourg, Russia, 2014) or Arabian Stars

(Yemen, 2005), among many others. It is also behind his most recent works En la Pampa (In the Pampa, made in the Atacama desert, Chile, 2008), Avenida Ixtapaluca (houses for Mexico) (Mexico, 2009) or The Istanbul Map (Istanbul, 2010), the tryptich What will come (New York, 2010), Medina Parkour (Tetouan, Morocco, 2013) or Sjobadet Alphabet (Norway. 2014). These are journey-works where the issue of movement keeps coming back, and where the isolated actions of a character condenses reflection (but not without a degree of absurd humour) on the possibilities of poetic survival offered by the contemporary metropolis.

Some of the more recent work do research on the many facets of utopia or dystopia and its relationship with fiction and history; At L' avenir (2010), we follow a  group of pioneers in a free interpretation of the Phalanstery project of Charles Fourier. Prohibido cantar / No Singing (2012 ) superimposes imaginary cities and unrealized projects . Here the founding of a city,  evokes  the failed mega - projects of  casino-citiy in Spain ( as Gran Scala, Eurovegas ) and at same time the City of Mahagonny described by Bertoltd Brecht in the moment that Las Vegas began. La Soupe Americaine / The American Soup on the provisional postwar shelters  (Normandy , 2013 ) or The Svartlamon Parade ( Trondheim , Norway, 2014 ) incorporate archive footage  to place the present in a critical position. X-VILLE (2015), based on Yona Friedman's "manuels" introduces us to an imagined city to rethink the way in which time and life are currently organized. ¡Únete! Join Us! (2017) the installation at 57th Venice Biennale, Spanish Pavilion invites visitors to become participants in an exploration of nomadism and collective agency. Transhumance, wanderings, journeyings, strayings, displacement: these themes are key to the exhibition, whose reference point is rooted in urban utopias that use movement as part of a radical rethinking of social imagination.



Façana, Foto, Festa, Futur, Fideus
Macba, Barcelona.
Cur. Martí Peran.

Où commence une île.
FRAC Corse. Corte
Cur. Fabien Danesi

Casas vacías no hacen ciudad. MUNTREF. Bienal Sur 2023. Buenos Aires.
Cur. Benedetta Casini


Strade. Palazzina dei Giardini. FMAV (Fondazione Modena Arte visive). Modena. (Italy).
Cur. Daniele de Luigi.



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X-Ville. Galerie Michel Rein. Paris (France)



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Screening Co Op City, Bronx Museum of the Arts. New York (USA)



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(creative mediators: Ippolito Pestellini, Bregtje van der Haak, Andrés Jaque, Mirjam Varadinis)

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1979-81 Eina, School of Art and Design.

1981-84 Studies of Art History  at UAB. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Barcelona.

1984-1987.Studies of Architecture at ETSAB, Escola Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona.



2019- Residency program. Soma México- AC/E (Mexico City) 

2016- Cité des Arts. Paris

2014- Residency program. Rake. Trondheim (Norway)

2013- Residency program. Trankat., Tetouan (Morocco)

2010- Residency program, Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, (USA).




2019. "de Ixtapaluca a La Infinita". Miércoles de Soma. Soma-México. (Mexico City)

“Turistas en nuestra casa (mudanzas, fogatas, lobos: no miréis por la ventana)’ CENDEAC, Murcia (Spain)        

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2022 -workshop “Modena Parade”. Scuola di alta formazione. FMAV. Modena (Italy)

-workshop “¿Dónde empieza la ciudad?”. CCE. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2020  -workshop: “aquellas que no deben morir”. La Infinita de l’Hospitalet, (Barcelona) Loop, districte cultural LH (with Salvador Sunyer)

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-workshop “Mapas a escala real”. Madrid 45. Madrid

-workshop Arte visione lab. Careof Milano. Milán (Italia)

2016  Profesor invitado en ENSA Architecture Paris-Malaquais. Paris (Francia) y workshop "Welcome to Caveland?" Proyecto en colaboración con Théatre Nanterre-Amandiers, Centre Dramatique National.(con Yann Rocher)

2015. -workshop “X-Medellín”. Universidad  Nacional de Colombia. Facultad de Arquitectura. Medellín. (Colombia)

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2022 Modena Parade/ Corteo Modenese. FMAV Modena (Italy). Cur. Daniele de Luigi, collettivo Amigdala, Federica Rocchi.


2019 De Ixtapaluca a la Infinita. Miércoles de SOMA, Ciudad de México.

interpretado por Sarahi Carrillo. (Cur. Shio García)



"The Spanish Coast". Performance para actriz y maquetas. Pabellón de España, 57 Biennale di Venezia /  ARCO, Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid). Interpretado por Laura Weissmahr.



"La nuit des Taupes" / Welcome to Caveland. Théâtre des Amandiers. Nanterre. (France) con Philippe Quesne.



LA RE MI LA/ en colaboración con Carles Santos y La Banda de Música de Sant Mateu /EACC (centre d'Art Contemporani Castelló), Sant Mateu (Castelló). 



Fin de partie. Samuel Beckett, Festival Grec. (Teatre Grec). Barcelona (Spain). Dir. Rosa Novell.



"À l’anglaise", Performance for 12 people and banners (Performance para 12 personas y pancartas)

Festival Entre Cour et Jardins, Jardins Guy Roux.

Barbirey (France)



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