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PROTOTIPOS (2) (2004)

Five cardboard models of cars are placed on the floor. The Popemobile first used by Pope John-Paul ii, the Lincoln Continental in which Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the Soviet bloc’s Trabant, the celebrated superhero’s Batmobile and the hippies’ Volkswagen van are clearly icons of Western culture. But here they appear to us in white, returned to their origins as three-dimensional volumes. This series may suggest oppositions and similarities: between the Popemobile and the Lincoln, symbols of historical assassination, between the camper van and the Trabant, signs of outmoded modernity; from the unique armoured vehicle made for a costumed superman, white or black, to a serially manufactured item for the masses, in rainbow colours, or grey, and so on. These objects reveal the fictional weight of reality just as they do the illusory portion of the real, in the same way as Prototipos (1), while the translation into spatial representation of the historical backdrop to these series confers upon them a strikingly different meaning. 2004
5 reproductions of vehicles (VW Combi, Batmobile, Trabant, Popemobile, Lincoln Continental)
140 cm long each
Cardboard, polystyrene, plaster, rubber

Courtesy: Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid)
Collection of the artist