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In an apartment block on the city outskirts, everybody is asleep. It is the day after a big party. Le Dortoir visits each of the 12 storeys of the building one by one in an ascending movement, shifting from night to day and covering 24 hours in one single sequence.

Motionless actors and a camera gliding through space, Le Dortoir is built like a contemporary vanitas in motion, in which objects and architectures entirely made for the occasion play a lead role, making up the collective dream of the sleepers. It is shown in a small projection room stacked high with black mattresses. The soundtrack for the whole video is a work by the Dreamall Orchestra.

jordi colomer le dortoir

le dortoir jordi colomer installation view
jordi colomer le dortoir galerie michel rein

Video and projection room
Master betacam digital
10 min.
Edited in loop
Edition of 3 ex. and 1 AP

Sophie Goupil and Alain Julien-Laferrière present:
The sleepers: Ana María Bretón, Laura Dada, Sulin Prado, Silvia Martín, Merida Mc Carthy, Alba Leat, Jimena Posada, Andres Loewe, José Gutierrez, Ahamed Agha, Cisco Aznar, Carlos Fernandez, Pau Taché, Andrés Puig, Montserrat Nogareda, Alexandra Filiatreau, Serafín Rodriguez, Franco Jacometti
The climber: Idroj Sanicne
Dir. of photography: Antonio Cortes
Assistant director: Bernardo Porraz
Set director: Jordi Encinas
Set graphicdesign: Yamandú Canosa
Still photography: Marc Viaplana (ramone)
Make-up: Tatiana Thaurin
Set construction: Luis Bisbe, Serafín Rodriguez, Walter Friederich, Alexandra Filiatreau
Electricians: Oscar Isaach, Franco Jacometti
Key grip: Julio Barbod, Daniel Correa, Jesús Pages
Audio production: Arte y ruido, Nono Ruiz
Sound effects: July Ortiz
Music: Dreamall Orchestra
Studio: Alts forns
Arrangements: Eduardo Olivé
Production supervisor: Sophie Goupil
Executive producer: Marta Figueras
Assistant: Cesar Merino, Sergio Olivares, Alexandra Filiatreau,
Barry Paulson
Video post-production: La truka / In-Audiovisuals
Studio: Mas madera
Equipment: Servicevision
Lighting: Amalgama
Set and props: Solidança
Beers: Orus
Produced by: Les Poissons Volants
In collaboration with: Atelier Jean Nouvel-France / Expo 02-Suisse / Agence d’artistes du ccc-France / Maravills (Barcelona) / Generalitat de Catalunya,
Departament de Cultura
Acknowledgements: Frederic Page, Hangar, Quico Rivas, Galeria Carles Taché (Barcelone), Galerie Michel Rein (Paris)
Collection: Fnac, Fonds National Art Contemporain (Paris) / Caam (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) / MUSAC (León)