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Neutralising the separation between public and exhibition space, 24 anonymous posters at the entrance of the show exhort the audience to "shout on the rooftops": to proclaim whatever is going on in their heads from the surfaces that cover our towns and are forbidden for public use. The result of a project led with masters students in Métiers et arts at Rennes University,(France) this work shows Colomer’s wish to reconsider the role of the spectator, and fiction as a liberating and unifying act. As in architecture, fiction does not have to be produced in ready-to-consume form, but can offer the essential framework of an aesthetic and political life that is yet to come.

24 posters
120x80cm each
offset print

Photos by Jordi Colomer
Graphic designer: Yann Rondeau

Project developed within the Master 2 Professionnel "Métiers et Arts de l'Exposition" program of Université Rennes 2 (France)
In partnership with: ARGOS centre for art and media (Belgium) and CO producciones (Barcelona)

Master Exposition Rennes 2

On rooftops, stretching beyond sight (2011) interview with Andrea Cinel (eng)



  Rennes 2011

  Rennes 2011

  Rennes 2011
  ARGOS centre for art and media. Brussels 2011