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This series of twelve photographs Héroes (for Mexico) (2009), registers groups of piñatas just as they are displayed in the warehouses where they are sold. The piñata was originally used as bait, for the evangelization of the indigenous population. Widely popular in Northern and Central America, it is the main focus of birthday parties. Its ritual consists of children pounding on the piñata until they get the reward hidden inside, which comes as candies and small toys.
The imaginary of the piñata has transformed, and now it includes known heroes and superheroes of U.S.A. procedence, which lay aside local figures, such as the masked mexican wrestlers. These characters suffer a translation, which comes as a result of being hand made and infantilized, and then appear as renewed heroes: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Buzz Lightyear (character of the video Avenida Ixtapaluca (houses for mexico) 2009), Harry Potter, Shrek, Winnie de Pooh... among others, live in the new popular imaginary. Piñatas produce, in their aparent simplicity, an adaptation to the precise reality of the mainstream knowledge.
12 photographs
Giclee on dibond
66x100cm each
edition of 5 and 1AP 

Heroes (para mexico). Meessen de Clercq. Brussels 2009